Vol 4 – Newsletter for June 2016

The notable days for the month of June are Flag Day the 14th, Father’s Day the 19th and the first day of summer is the 20th.
Want to sell your house?
What is next?  Listing!!!
In my previous newsletter we talked about ways to make your home look more attractive for a quick sale by painting, carpeting, fixing faucets, staging etc. Now that those improvements have been made, it is time to list your house.  Of course, the next thing you need to do is call me at
(405) 740-2356  to set-up a listing appointment!  Please allow at least an hour or two for our appointment and, if you are married, I will need both husband and wife to sign the listing agreement.
What will happen at our appointment?  Essentially we will identify your needs, expectations and discuss ways that I can provide resources to meet those needs and expectations.  We will review the listing contracts and I will gather information regarding your home and your schedule, including what times it is good to show your home, any alarm details, pet issues and the best time to take pictures of your home.  We will also discuss the timing of the same and whether you will need to also purchase a new home.  If you are moving out of town, we can discuss the various issues involved in such a sale.  Please have a key made so that I will have access to your home for showings.  JUST REMEMBER-THE FIRST MONTH OF A LISTING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF THE LISTING SO WE WILL NEED TO HIT THE GROUND RUNNING.
Call me today at  (405) 740-2356, go to my website or  contact me by email and let’s get the ball rolling!
How can I buy a house?
If you have been following my newsletters, you are now pre-qualified and ready to shop. Shopping is fun.  We will discuss your price range, payment abilities, schools you prefer and the details regarding the type of house that you would like to own!  I will set up a personalized email search based on your personal specifications.  This email search will update daily or in real time if you so desire.  If you are looking on the internet for available homes, you will see many other search websites available to you.  Keep in mind the customized search that I have created just for you will have the most accurate and up-to-date information and will be based on your specifications regarding the type of home you want to own.  If you see something as you are driving in a neighborhood, write down the address, telephone number and company name from the yard sign so I can look it up for you.  If you see a house you are interested in on another website, write down that information or email it to me to so I can check it out for you.  Those houses might not show up in your search because they do not meet your criteria or the status of the listing has changed.  When you see something you want to view, call me right away so I can schedule a showing.  Since this is the busiest time of the year for home sales, we will need to act on it as soon as possible.  It sounds like a lot but it is exciting to view houses and make offers for your new home.  I am excited to help you on your path to buying a home.
Call me today at (405) 740-2356, go to my website or contact me by email and let’s get the ball rolling to find you that perfect new home!
Preparing my home in the spring!
I own my home and I just want to keep it!
May was a rainy month so now everything is in bloom and looking great.  My tomato plants have lots of flowers and even a couple of baby tomatoes.  Now that June has brought dryer hotter days, it is very important to water your gardens and flowerbeds as often as necessary to keep everything green and in bloom. I have already weeded my flowerbed 3 times.  The yard has to be cut every week.  Now it is time to enjoy your hard work.  Get a glass of ice tea or your favorite cocktail and enjoy the outside and the results of your labors.
What is happening in Real Estate?
Just some interesting tidbits about real estate trends in Oklahoma City.
Based on U.S. Census information, Trulia is reporting that in Oklahoma City owner-occupied households represent 59% of total home ownership and of that 59%, 62% are married households.
The good news is that according to Realty Trac, foreclosures are down and home sales of non-foreclosures is up. reports that the median listing and selling prices for home sales in Oklahoma City is up from the same time last year.  There are approximately 2,851 homes for sale in the metro area.
What does all of this mean—-it means that if you are thinking of buying or selling your home, now is the time to do it!  C all me at (405) 740-2356 or go to my website or c ontact me by email .