Moving Checklist for Buyers and Sellers

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Hispanic Family Moving Into New Home

Send change of address to:
□   Post Office

□   Charge Accounts, and Credit Card Accounts

□   Friends & Relatives, and Subscriptions: Notice requires several weeks for magazines.


□   Bank: Transfer funds, arrange banking in the new city.

□   Insurance: Notify new location for coverage (life, health, fire, auto, homeowner’s.)

□   Automobile: Transfer car title, car registration, car tags, driver’s license, state windshield sticker, and □   motor club membership.

□   Utilities: Gas, light, cable TV, water, telephone get the refund of any deposits made. Arrange for     immediate service in new town. Arrange final reading and change of name for billing.

□   Delivery People: Cancel laundry, newspaper, and milk.

□   School: Ask for copies or transfer of children’s records.


Ask For:
□   Medical records of family and pets and make sure their shots are up-to-date.  Make sure their micro-chips information is updated or have them micro-chipped if they have not been chipped.

□   Drug and Eye Contact or Glasses Prescriptions to be transferred.

□   Doctor and Pharmacist recommendations.

□   Letters of Introduction to transfer memberships.

□   Pet requirements in the new city.


And, don’t forget to:
□   Empty freezer; plan use of foods. Defrost freezer-refrigerator. (Place charcoal to dispel odors.)

□   Have appliances serviced for moving.

□   Clean rugs or clothing, before moving; have them “moving-wrapped.”

□   Check with your moving counselor: insurance coverage, packing and unpacking labor, arrival day, various shipping papers, method and time of expected payment.

□   Plan for special care needs of infants. Plan garage sale.


And on moving day:
□   Carry currency, jewelry, documents yourself; or use registered mail.

□   Plan for transporting pets. (They are poor traveling companions if unhappy.) Make sure you can be found if they become lost.

□   Carry traveler’s checks for quick available funds.

□   Tell close friends or relatives your route and schedule (including overnight stops). Use them as “message headquarters.”

□   Double check closets, drawers, shelves (to be sure they are empty).

□   Arrange to leave keys with new tenant, owner or agent.