Vol 3 – May is here!!!

May is here!!!
Want to sell your house?
What is next?
We touched on “decluttering” in my last newsletter! When you declutter don’t remove so many things that you strip your home of the warmth that a staged home has.  After the big job of decluttering your home ask yourself “Do I need to repaint? Replace my carpets?  Fix that leaky faucet, etc?  You might say “let’s just give a carpet allowance or decorating allowance.”  This does not work in today’s market.  Prospective purchasers only see what they see.  Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  The buyers today want to move right in.  New home owners wa nt it all done.  If you need someone else to help you with your vision call me   (40 5) 740-2356.  If you want to know what your home is worth, contact me through my website!   How much is my house worth!
How can I buy a house?
What are my next steps?
If you have been following my steps from my past newsletter, then you have been talking with a lender or lenders getting pre-quailfied.  Your loan officer looks at you or contacts you and states “you are pre-qualified, you are ready to shop for a house!”  You jump up and down!  What is your next step?  Calling me of course, silly person! My direct line is  (405) 740-2356 or go to my website Contact me by email!   We will talk about what your financing perimeters are, where you would like to live and what your needs and desires are in a home.  Now the fun starts!
Preparing my home in the spring!
I own my home and I just want to keep it!
How are things looking around your home?  You should be seeing your new grass growing.  Do you know what kinds of flowers or plants you want in your flower beds?  Annuals, biennials or perennials?  What does that mean? Basic definitions: annuals – you plant every year; biennials –  complete their life cycle in 2 years; and perennials – come back throughout many growing seasons.  If you are planting a vegetable garden it is time to get everything planted as well.   If you want more information about, planting please seek the advice of a professional and or the internet has a world of information.
What is happening in Real Estate?
Oklahoma real estate marketing trends!
Time is of the essence!  The iron is hot, the real estate business is heating up!  Don’t miss the fast moving train of these next few months if you want to buy or sell houses.   I am already seeing a steady increase of homes being listed for sale.  New home builders in the Norman area showed a slow down for the 1st quarter compared to last year.  However, some of the new home communities busiest subdivision in the Oklahoma City Metro and Edmond area appear to be running in pace with last year’s numbers according to NewsOK.  The overall outlook for real estate appears to be stable.  Mortgage rates experienced a good dose of ups and downs last week, finally landing at their lowest levels seen since mid-April.  The Federal Reserve’s meeting resulted in no interest rate increase so rates are still great!   If you are think of buying or selling your home you can call me (405) 740-2356 or go to my website.  Contact me by email

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