Vol 2 – Spring Has Arrived!!!

Spring Has Arrived!!!
Want to sell your house?
What is next?
We touched on good “curb appeal” in my last newsletter! What color did you paint your door?  When the buyers and realtor walk to your door is it clean and inviting? When they open the front door what do they see?  What do they smell? What do they hear?  Prospective buyers’ senses are on high alert.  Your house should look starchy, meaning neat, everything in its place.   Your pets need to be either gone or contained, if at all possible.  They should not smell the cat’s litter box or what you had for dinner last night. They should not see your dirty clothes, dirty dishes or unfolded laundry. This also means you make your beds every day.  Clean everything. If something doesn’t have a place, box it up. Sometimes it will take renting a storage unit to remove clutter.   If you need someone else to help you with your vision call me (405) 740-2356.  If you want to know what your home is worth, contact me through my website!  How much is my house worth!
How can I buy a house?
What are my next steps?
You have started looking at your financial situation.  How does it look to you?  You are ready for your next step, call your lender. The only way you can really know for sure is to call your bank, credit union or mortgage company.   The loan officer will need basic information about you, your complete legal name, social security number, present address, contact information, and employer information.  The lender will have to pull your credit scores and look at your credit history.  The f inancier will tell you if you still have work to do.  Do not know who to call?  You can call me (405) 740-2356 or go to my website   Contact me by email! I can give you some suggestions.
Preparing my home in the spring!
I own my home and I just want to keep it!
We are still working outside, do you need to do some touch up painting, caulking or just rinsing off the outside of your house? Maybe wash the winter grime off the windows.  If you are planting flowerbeds or gardens it is time to start preparing the areas you want to plant.  Just to be on the safe side, make sure you are past the last freeze date for your state before you plant.  If you need to scalp your grass and re-seed your lawn (depends on type of grass seed) now might be a good time to do this.   When re-seeding the lawn and spraying for weeds please consult the label of the herbicide for the suggested time frame you may need to wait before re-seeding your lawn.
If you have pets please consider treating for fleas and ticks often, consult with a pesticide company for the proper treatment for your area.  I have mine treated every 3 months.
What is happening in Real Estate?
Oklahoma real estate marketing trends!
I look for houses being listed to increase substantially within April 15th through the end of May.  In my opinion the largest number of listings come on the market at this time.  So timing is very important when putting your home on the market. Listing at the right time helps you to receive the highest and best price, in the shortest amount of time.  This time of the year fuels our market for the rest of the year.  Oklahoma City real estate has seen a lot of ups and downs since the recession years.  However, our market has stabilized in the last few years which will help sustain us in the future market.  Interest rates are still really good.  Interest rates are being held status quo by the Federal Reserve at this time.  So, get your house ready to sell if you want to list it.  If you want to buy, get your financing in line and let’s go look at houses!  You can call me (405) 740-2356 or go to my website.   Contact me by email